Announcement: Our Stroke Detection Wristband Named to TIME'S List of the Best Inventions of 2022

The Neuralert lightweight, non-invasive wristband device that automates stroke detection and alerting, has been selected for TIME’s List of the Best Inventions of 2022 in the medical category.

“Our goal is to end the devastating impact of stroke when symptoms are not detected in time for effective treatment,” said Eric Corkhill, our CEO. “When a stroke occurs, we want patients get proven treatments faster.”

One of the hallmark signs of a stroke is arm asymmetry (e.g., limpness or weakness in one arm). This often goes unnoticed because the patient is sedentary while lying in a hospital bed. The Neuralert device can identify the onset of stroke asymmetric in as little as fifteen minutes, even if the wearer is asleep.

We know that the best way to ensure a positive stroke outcome is quick detection followed by immediate medical intervention. This can reduce devastating effects of stroke and help patients to continue to live full and independent lives. When worn, the device will alert a medical team so lifesaving stroke treatment can begin immediately.

What is TIME’s List of the Best Inventions? TIME editors recognize 200 groundbreaking inventions of the year. Selection criteria included making an extraordinary impact changing lives. We are honored to be selected, as Neuralert’s mission is to accelerate the treatment of stroke via faster detection and automated alerting. Our device has undergone rigorous studies which have shown we can detect stroke in as quickly as 15 minutes. Reduction in stroke detection time will save patient lives, improve outcomes, and reduce hospital costs and liability.