In-hospital Strokes are a Big Problem

#1 Cause of severe, long term disability
10% Of all Strokes happen to patients already in the hospital
50% Of In-hospital strokes aren’t detected within 4.5 hours

In-hospital strokes have worse outcomes

The Reasons

  • Procedures increase stroke risk and severity
  • Bed bound and sedation obscures symptoms
  • Staff unable to perform consistent and timely checks

The Results

  • Strokes detected too late for effective treatment
  • Increased LOS, morbidity & mortality adds cost
  • Litigation settlement exceeds $1.8M per event

NEURALERT offers wearable devices that detect symptoms of potential stroke It immediately alerts hospital staff to assess patients and initiate necessary treatments

Rapid detection and alerting of stroke symptoms

Neuralert devices monitor arm movements
Asymmetry in movements is “hallmark” indicator of potential stroke
Proprietary algorithm determines stroke likelihood
Both sensitive (detection) and specific (low false alarm)
Software alerts care provider(s) to enable rapid response
Disable, snooze, reset alert Response time measured

Rapid detection improves outcomes

Neuralert detects >80% of ischemic strokes in less than 1 hour
Less than 50% of hospital strokes are currently identified within 4.5 hours

Positive impact on LOS

Positive impact on Quality Ratings

Reduced litigation risk and cost